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The Applicance Man - Customer Testimonials


“Someone from Logan Electric recommended that I call the Appliance Man to repair my broken oven. They told me that AM is extremely honest and that I could trust whatever advice AM gave me. So today I called AM. All I had to do was tell him what the error codes were on my oven and he was able to give me an estimate for the repair. He told me everything I needed to know in order to decide that it is not worth repairing. He simply could not have been more helpful. He saved me the cost of a service call to my home. Then I took full advantage of his generosity by asking for his advice about which new model to buy, and about another appliance problem I have. I almost hope I am going to need something repaired soon so that I can repay him for his generosity by giving him some business. I would highly recommend AM to anyone in the area that needs a repair man.”

Teresa Anne S. Elkton, MD

“I have an lg washer that has been a problem from the day we bought it. Had Rick from the appliance man come out. He looked over the washer and told us what was wrong and even had the part it needed with him. Works better than ever. Would use him again for sure. He even told me what was wrong with my dishwasher and did not charge for looking at it.”
Guest 31107
“Just had them out and they took care of the problem on the same day. Service man was aware of the problem and was done in no time at a good price.”
Guest 14787